Monday, October 30, 2006


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For any of you who don't know me well, let me explain one of the areas of my life where I have quirks. Driving. Now I love to drive ... on my own terms. I don't like traffic. I don't like highways/freeways/interstates in crowded cities. I don't like turning left at a red light without a protected left arrow. I only like the left turns that have a sign saying "Left turn on green arrow only." I don't like turning left unless there is a four-way stop and everyone understands the rules. I know, I know, I'm quirky in that area.

So due to the above, I usually try to plan my travel from point A to point B prior to leaving my house and I try to abide by my internal set of rules (no freeway, no left turns, etc.)

Well the first time I visited HMCC, the church I went to yesterday, I just knew that I knew how to get there. I had checked a map online (the day before). I was running late that Sunday and it was raining so I relied on my memory. Simple just go down Harwood, turn left on Martin and that would take me to the road the church is on. In fact, by my memory it would take me to the corner where the church is. But Martin dead-ended before getting to the church. I had to detour and rely on instincts and memory of the area to get me to the road the church is on and then to ultimately get me to the church. I did make it and made it on time.

So when I decided to visit there again yesterday, I checked the map again. Aha! I found out that there IS a road that does go from Harwood directly to the church. I tucked it away in my memory bank. (Have I told those of you that don't know me that I'm getting older and my memory is failing me at times?) Then Sunday morning I headed out. Turned left on the road I remembered that would take me straight there. And I wound up on ANOTHER road that I had not wanted to be on.

So even with a map...even with checking a map twice and verifying that I 'knew' where to go...I still had detours on my way to church. (When I got home I checked the map again. Next time I really, really, really do know which road to take.)

You know what? Both of those 'incorrect' routes where good for me. The first one, on a rainy Sunday morning, all alone in my car, with no Mapsco available, there was only one thing I could do...Trust. Trust my Loving Lord to direct me to the church. I left it in his hands. I prayed "God, if you don't want me to go to HMCC today, direct me where you do want me to go and if you DO want me to go to HMCC then help me find it." In the detour, God was to be trusted.

Yesterday, in the detour, God spoke peace and direction in my life. Through the detour, I found new ways to praise Him one-on-one. I had already experienced joyful worship before I ever reached the church door. In the detour, God was to be worshipped.

What detours are you taking today? Why are those detours there? What is God asking you to do with Him in your detours?

Psalm 18:30 What a God! His road stretches straight and smooth. Every God-direction is road-tested. Everyone who runs toward him makes it.

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