Saturday, October 28, 2006

Football and Real Life

If you realize that I did not post yesterday, let me explain. :-) ... Not that I have to explain because I think it is OK to take a day off now and then... However! I had a busy day and by the time I could have sat at the PC and wrote, I was so tired that I'm sure it wouldn't have made any sense! See, aren't you glad I skipped a day???

Anyway, one of the things that kept me from writing was that as a family we attended the homecoming football game for the high school my son graduated from. And it is from that game that I write today.

In football, you have three main things that you want to do:
  1. Keep possession of the ball.
  2. Score points.
  3. Win the game.

The first is key to the second and the second and key to the third. So the when the other team has the ball, you want to get it back. Then when you get it back you want to take it into the end zone. When you do that enough times, you finish well. You win the game.

But what if the other team has the ball? You can wait it out. Hope they don't score. Hope that they will miss on 4th down and punt the ball back to you. OR! Or you can aggressively go after the ball. When they throw it, you grab it. INTERCEPTION! When they run with the ball, hit 'em hard and knock the ball out of their hands. FUMBLE! Now go after the ball and recover the fumble. TURNOVER! Now you have control of the ball and if you have a great coach and you listen to him and hold fast to his instruction, you have the chance to score and eventually win.

So what does this have to do with Little Lessons from my Loving Lord? Some of you may already be learning how to see the lesson in the activities of our lives. For the rest, here it is...

We are athletes in the game of life. Your very soul is sought after by two teams. God's and Satan's. If Satan has your soul you need a turnover! When he is trying to toss your life up in the air, reach up and with God's help grab it back. INTERCEPTION! Or when he is trying to run you into the ground, hit him hard with the Word of God, force a FUMBLE! With both of these, TURNOVER control to the ultimate life Coach. Listen to your Coach prior to every play. Study His play Book. Stay in the game to the very end. Don't give up! With the Coach you have, this is a game you can win!!!

Psalms 119:31-32(New International Version)

I hold fast to your statutes, O LORD;
do not let me be put to shame.
I run in the path of your commands,
for you have set my heart free.

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