Saturday, November 18, 2006

How Is Your Connection Working?

We are in the process of changing our Internet Service Provider (ISP). The new provider has an 'Elite' level of service that is supposed to be faster access to any information you are trying to find on the Internet.

This was supposed to be a simple and painless process. They send me their modem. I plug in all the cords and cables. I boot up my PC and voila! I have lightning fast, high powered Internet service.

The reality was the first modem they sent me was d-e-a-d! I took all the time to complete all the steps to connect the cables and then plugged in the modem to the power source and nothing! Nothing happened at all.

So I called tech support. First Level Tech Support had me take the modem and its power cord to another room in the house where the electrical outlets would be on a different circuit breaker. Guess what happened? That's right. Nothing. No lights on meant no power which meant (as I had said originally) the modem was dead! They transferred me to Second Level Support.

Second Level Support said I probably needed a new modem. You think? So they contacted 'returns' for an approval to send me a new modem. 'Returns' agreed to send me a new modem that I would get in five to seven days. I was so glad I had not yet cancelled my previous ISP. I would not want to be five to seven days without Internet access. Fortunately, the modem arrived in three days! As soon as it arrived, dear hubby took it out of the box and plugged it in...LIGHTS! YES! A working modem! We now had a possibility of using our new ISP.

This morning I installed the new modem. All the right lights lit up. Now on to the software part. I went through the prompts on the screen. Everything 'seemed' to be going just fine. Then I launched my new browser and promptly received all kinds of error messages like "page can not be displayed" "Click refresh to try to active this" "Go away you don't know what you are doing" ... OK maybe not that last one. The strange thing was that I could use my old browser with my new service but not my new browser with my new service.

I had the high power to access the Internet but not the correct interface or browser to connect to it. So once again I called Tech Support. First level support. They asked all the usually obvious questions that of course I had already tried on my own. Their conclusion was that I could keep using my old browser and their service. Hmmm. NO! I was paying for this new service complete with browser so I wanted all I had subscribed to.

So this time I asked "Do you think Second Level Support could help with this?" and First Level guy said, "Uh yeah maybe. Do you want me to transfer you to them?" Was I gonna say NO?!?!?! I don't think so.

Second Level Support did indeed have the answers. We had to uninstall and reinstall the software. Somehow the software had failed to install completely and correctly the first time. Upon reinstallation, the service and browser worked as expected.

So what Little Lessons did my Loving Lord show me through this? Several!!!!

1) We always have access to the information we need without needing an ISP. Our Loving Lord is all-knowing.

2) We don't have to worry about our modem going bad as we connect with our Loving Lord. The Word of the Lord never changes

3) We don't have to ask a first level support tech to transfer us up the line as we approach His throne. Because of the sacrifice of our Loving Lord, we have direct access to the most knowledgeable One in the universe. We ask Him directly and He answers.

4) There are some dead modems out there. The world will try to tell you differently but the only way to the Father is through the Son. Good works alone are a dead modem. Just trying to live a good life is a dead modem. Giving your money without giving your heart to Christ is a dead modem. There is no replacement for the One who replaced us on the cross.

5) When we plug in where God places us, something happens. All the lights come on.

6) Sometimes when we connect (pray, read the bible) and access the highest level of support (God) we realize that our software (mind, way of thinking, habits) has become corrupt. We need to let Tech Support (God) lead us through uninstalling the bad versions and reinstalling right thinking and right actions.

Proverbs 2:6 (NIV): For the Lord gives wisdom, and from his mouth come knowledge and understanding.

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Anonymous said...

Computers are such great preaching tools- they so relate to today's society
and true Biblical instruction: contemplate the relations

Hard drives
Hardware/ drivers
Operating systems
Internet Access/wireless
Anti virus

The computer is probably mans greatest invention, there are endless
possibilities of what we can do with one. We can write, draw, record,
manage, create, communicate and they even sent man to the moon with one. But
unplugged from its source of power!!!! It becomes a useless pile- not even a
good paper weight.

Mankind was God's greatest creation. Created to walk, talk, operate on the
level of the Spirit and in fellowship with God. But sin unplugged us from
the source of our power. We have been short circuited. We have downloaded a
virus that caused our operating system to malfunction.

Jesus is the great technician, the anti virus program- the Norton go-back
system that clears out the bugs and gets us back up and running.

The Word of God is our operating system that maneuvers us through the
various programs and helps us accomplish the required goals.

The Holy Spirit is like the wireless, high speed, DSL super connection that
keeps us plugged into the vast world of the Kingdom of God.

I am thankful today for my computer- it makes my life so much easier. But I
am even more thankful for my relationship with God, because it makes
eternity as well as this life, so much easier

Pastor Wayne Godsmark