Thursday, November 30, 2006

What Steps Do You Take?

A while back I posted a messy place about cleaning the fireplace room in our home. This room also contains the computer desk. Well the computer desk was starting to get out of control again. One family member said "That desk is getting out of control again. I would clean it up but I don't know what half that stuff is." So I said "just work on the half you know what it is and I can do the rest" Then they said "I don't know what to do with half of it"

So knowing that they at least new "what" half of the stuff was and "where" half of that half went, I said, "Let's take a look" We picked up the first piece of paper. Trash. In the trash it went. Then the next, a list that we needed to keep. It was placed in the holder at the back of the desk. And so it went until about half of the desk was again clear.

Because they didn't know what to do with EVERYTHING, they had chosen to do NOTHING. Instead of doing what they knew to do, they did nothing.

Are we ever guilty of that in serving our Loving Lord? Do we look at His Word and say "there's no way I'll ever know what to do with all of that so I won't do anything for Him?" Or "I don't understand all of what it says so I won't pay attention to any of what it says?" Do we stop short of doing SOMETHING because we can't do EVERYTHING?

Will you pick one thing He wants you to do and just do it?

Proverbs 20:24 (The Message): The very steps we take come from God; otherwise how would we know where we're going?

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