Monday, November 27, 2006

Who Calls The Plays?

This past weekend was football, football, and more football. There were some important match ups. My hubby's favorite pro team was playing for first place in their division. His favorite college team had their traditional Thanksgiving Friday rivalry game. And our favorite high school team played in the match up of the year! Two state champs from last year met up in the second round of the play offs. We were the underdogs. AND we were winning with less than four minutes left in the game.

Then our team's coach sent in a play that turned the momentum of the game. We turned the ball over to the other team within easy scoring range...and score they did. They took the lead...and we one point.

Many people blamed the coach for the loss. They pointed to that one play. Some were even saying he should be fired. The fans and other observers seemed to easily overlook the mistakes the players themselves made. Mistakes like three back-to-back "off-sides" penalties during ONE down. Or the missed extra point that, had the kicker made the kick, the game would have ended regulation in a tie. Had the play worked, the coach would have been the hero. Since it didn't, they wanted to kick him out.

This coach is a good solid coach. He took the team to the playoffs the year before last, to the state championship last year and to an undefeated regular season this year. But one call. One call late in the game. One call that seemed to be a 'bad' call. One bad call and many wanted him out.

Who calls the plays in your life? If you are a believer, then our Loving Lord has the job of calling the plays in your life. His word says that He directs your paths. Do you find it easy to give Him praise when you like His play calling? Find it easy when you seem to be living a winning life?

What happens when He calls a play that you don't agree with? What happens when you are looking to the sidelines, reading His signals, running the plays He calls, the scoreboard says that you are ahead, you are winning, and then He sends in a play you don't like? You read the signals to indicate in an illness you didn't plan for? Or a crime that impacts you or your family? Or a financial crisis that you didn't expect?

All of the sudden you find yourself in an apparent loosing situation. What do you do? What do you do with the Coach? Do you give Him credit for the successes He has coached you through or do you give Him a pink slip because you don't like His most recent call? And what about your part? So He called the plays but did you execute them properly? If you are in a tough situation, is it because of His play calling or because you chose to play it your own way?

Our Loving Lord is all-knowing and although you may feel hopeless in your current situation, remember you are only running one play right now. The next play He calls for you may just be a step in the right direction or it may be the play that leads to victory. Either way, you CAN trust Him to call the plays today and everyday!

Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV) For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

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