Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Gas Prices

Before the election, gas prices went way down from where they were when they were at their highest. Everyone said that they would skyrocket after the election.

Gas prices, at least in our neck of the woods did go back up...a their highest prices for regular unleaded gas around here could be found for just over $3 a gallon. Just before the election you could find it for around $1.90 a gallon. So that brings us to 'since the election'.

One day last week, I stopped to buy gas. The sign displayed the price as $2.10. I pulled up the pump and started putting gas in my car. I looked at the displayed the unleaded price as $2.05. What? I looked at the sign. Sign said $2.10. Looked back at the pump. Pump said $2. 05. I thought to myself...hmmm...why did I get so lucky? When I finished pumping the gas, I looked back at the pump. The display read "Update in process" or something like that. Then the price was suddenly $2.10. Cool! I'd saved five cents a gallon.

That afternoon, driving home, I passed the same gas station. Now the price was $2.14! I thought to myself "COOL!" and I felt that once again I won a part of "God's Lottery" (That's what I call it when you unexpectedly find money that you need...when God supplies according to His riches!)

Of course, this nine cent price hike in just one day caused people to start grumbling about the price of gas going up. People do tend to be vocal when gas prices rise.

However, today I noticed that that same gas station's prices had dropped below $2.10 again. And I started thinking about the fact that people rarely talk about when gas goes DOWN a nickel or more and they usually complain when it goes UP that much.

Why? Are we that programmed to talk about the bad and that untrained in talking about the good?

Aren't we the same way, quite often, with our Loving Lord? When things are sailing along, going our way with nothing spectacular happening, how often do we say "Hey God must be smiling on me. He's must love me. I'm going to praise Him for my normal life"? Not often. Yet when things go 'bad' for us aren't we quick to say to anyone who will listen "Poor pitiful me. I must deserve what God is doing. He must be really needing to teach me a lesson. I must have done something wrong for life to be like this." Aren't we quick to say "God where are you?" when someone suffers a loss but slow to proclaim "God I feel your presence." when things are going along smoothly?

Shouldn't we praise Him out loud, from the rooftops all the time? Shout His goodness when things are looking good for us?

Then quietly seek Him out when we hit rough waters. Seek Godly counsel to get us through without complaining loudly and 'tarnishing' His reputation. (No letters please, I know we can't tarnish our Loving Lord.)

Do you know the adage "Praise in public, criticize in private"? Will you praise God's goodness to everyone you meet today even if you are at a low point in your life? Then will you take those burdens, those low points, to him one on one, in private, and lay them at His feet? Will you?

Exodus 9:16 (NIV) But I have raised you up for this very purpose, that I might show you my power and that my name might be proclaimed in all the earth.

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