Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Remember Me?

A few weeks back we visited the church where my dear hubby went to church when he was in elementary school. While there he noticed a man that looked very familiar. Hubby was sure this was a childhood friend that he had not seen in well over 25 years. So he asked...and was correct. The 'boy' had not changed much since he was a child. We made arrangements to spend a day with him and his family. Many years have passed since my hubby and this friend lived in the same town but you could not tell it from the non-stop conversation.

Today at my day job, our Admin Manager was in the Business Manager's office when a sales rep came in. The sales rep introduced himself and immediately the Admin Manager recognized him. He was a childhood friend from her neighborhood up north. According to her "he had not changed a bit" since they were little. The Admin Manager wanted to visit with the sales rep/childhood friend as soon as the sales meeting was over. She wanted to catch up.

Our Loving Lord is also the same that He was when we were little. He is easily recognizable by anyone who has ever met Him. If you haven't spent time with Him in a while, look up, He is standing right there. He welcomes your conversation. He wants to catch up.

Will you spend time with our Loving Lord today? Will you have conversation with Him through prayer? Will you spend time listening to His Word?

(NIV) Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

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