Saturday, January 27, 2007

On The Scent...or The Real Thing

I just got home from spoiling myself! I went to get my haircut and I got a massage while I was there. The massage therapist use some scented oils during the massage. When I left the salon, I put on my jacket and came home. When I got home, I laid my jacket on the couch.

Soon after, Tiger, our boy cat came in and jumped up on the couch and started sniffing my jacket. He sniffed and nuzzled into the jacket. Based on what he smelled he was trying to get as close to the source of the scent as possible.

I said to him, “Tiger! I’m right here. I’m the real thing. Come see me. Over there you are just following the scent. Over here you get to be with the real thing.”

He, of course, ignored me.

Then, Tigger, our girl cat, came by and distracted him. He left the jacket and followed this new distraction.

After a bit, he came back. Back to the jacket at first, then, since that didn’t satisfy him, he made his way over to my chair. At first he just sat there and stared up at me. I invited him to jump into my lap. He hesitated. I reached out my arm to help him and since he was ready, he came into my lap and stayed for a while. He was right where he set out to be…in the lap of the ‘real thing’.

Where are you today? Are you where Tiger started out? Are you ‘sniffing’ around the life and love our Lord offers? Are you hanging out with true believers hoping that some of what they have will rub off on you? Are you hanging out with just the ‘scent’ of our Loving Lord?


Have you sniffed around, got your curiosity up regarding the Christian life, only to have a distraction enter your life and lure you away from our Loving Lord?


Are you cuddled up in His lap? Have you accepted His offer to climb on up? Are you experiencing His peace as you rest in His hands as they guide you moment by moment, day by day?

Are you going to settle for the scent….or will you drink in the Real Thing?

Colossians 2:17 (Amplified Bible) Such [things] are only the shadow of things that are to come, and they have only a symbolic value. But the reality (the substance, the solid fact of what is foreshadowed, the body of it) belongs to Christ.

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