Friday, February 02, 2007


Some of you noticed that I didn’t write in my blog for over a month. There were many reasons. One reason I would like to share with you.

Although I’m not always successful at it, I really don’t like to do anything to hurt anyone’s feelings. It seems I have always lacked something in the area of tact so I manage to unintentionally hurt feelings.

With my blog, I want to be an encouragement to all. However, sometimes my best stories have the potential to hurt someone’s feelings or make them feel bad or just plain embarrass them. In spite of that the Little Lesson is still in the story and I still feel that the story needs to be told.

So to that end…I now state…in advance… my apologies to anyone that may take personal offense if I use a story that you are a part of. I will continue to try to hide the ‘identifying’ facts.

So the next few Little Lessons will be stories that should have been written over the last month but weren’t … even if you are part of the story, I hope you will be blessed and encouraged by them all.

{{{{HUGS}}}} to all!

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