Monday, February 05, 2007

Out Of The Herd

We went to the rodeo last weekend. The annual stock show and rodeo is a really big deal around here. I had never been. There were many Little Lessons that I saw throughout the day. I'll share just one today.

One event in the rodeo is the cutting horse competition. Have you ever seen this? A small herd of cows are brought into one end of the arena. The 'cutting horse' singles out one cow to 'cut' away from the herd. The cow does NOT want to be cut away. It seems to know there is safety in numbers. They want to hang with the other cows. They don't want to be set apart.

So the horse begins the job of separating this cow from the herd. The cow tries to go back. The horse uses intelligence, speed, and ability to make quick starts, stops, and turns to prevent the cow from going back into the herd. Two other horses help to keep the cow away from the herd once the it is cut out.

In most of the competition, once the horse and its rider got the cow separated for the required amount of time, that cow was allowed back in the herd and another cow was 'cut out'.

But one was different. That cow was cut out of the herd and, with the help of two other horses, found its way to the other end of the area. It was separated so far from the other cows that it seemed that he forgot about his herd. He stayed there until it was time to leave the arena. No longer influenced by the 'popular cow' opinion.

Isn't this what our Loving Lord has done for us? We start out trying just to fit in. To be like everyone else. Then He rides in and pulls us out of our messes. We are OK with it for a while but then we miss our old 'friends', our old 'ways', our old 'haunts, we want back in the pack. We want to be part of 'popular culture'. We don't want to be 'set apart'. So we head back in. Try to return to our old ways.

Since, once we accept Him as our personal Lord and Savior, we are secure in His hand and He can't let go, when we try to go back in, He is there just like that cutting horse, staring us down, blocking our path back, leading us where we need to be.

What herd are trying to get back into? Old drug habits? Old attitudes? Old rebellion? Old gossip? Old negativity? Old adultery? Old selfishness? Old lies?

Will you let Him 'cut you out' of your old life today? Will you let Him lead you to the other end of the arena, and keep you there, away from the herd that He rescued you from?

Psalm 4:3 (King James Version) But know that the LORD hath set apart him that is godly for himself: the LORD will hear when I call unto him.

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