Tuesday, February 27, 2007

What Is Happening With Your Story?

I have the special privilege of getting to talk to my Mom almost every day as I drive home. (Don't worry I use my bluetooth and keep both hands on the wheel and both eyes on traffic.) I ask her about her day and she asks about mine. Quite often when I share a story about my day, she will respond with a very encouraging: "Are you going to put that in your blog?" Sometimes I do.

Most preachers that I know keep a keen eye on their children. Not just so that they behave properly. The preachers keep a keen eye on their children so that they don't miss any potential sermon illustrations that the children's activities may provide. You know it's true! How many sermons have you heard where the primary illustration was provided by the pastor's family? Right?

Many of my co-workers, friends, and family have made special appearances in this blog. Some of them (I think) avoid me so that they won't accidentally do something that will show up here. Others get excited to see their name in 'print'.

People who participate in criminal activity get noticed as well. They make the news either on TV or in print. Their story gets told but not necessarily in a 'good light'.

Everyone is being watched by someone to see what you are doing and how the watcher might make something of it. Whether is a preacher looking for a sermon illustration, a co-worker looking for something to 'hold over your head', a friend looking for something to blog about, or a news crew looking for a story.

Someone else is always watching you as well. Someone sees everything you do. Someone can make something out of whatever you do. Someone can make something great and eternally significant out of what you let Him do through you.

What story will you be a part of today? Will you cater to the newscasters, the blog writers, or the preachers? Or. Or will you cater to the One person who can make your story part of the greatest story every told?

Matthew 13:34-35 (The Message) All Jesus did that day was tell stories—a long storytelling afternoon. His storytelling fulfilled the prophecy: I will open my mouth and tell stories; I will bring out into the open things hidden since the world's first day.

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