Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Are You Still In?

We went to our first Texas Rangers game of the season last night.

A great night for baseball in Texas. Our boys came to play! By the end of the 3rd inning, the score was 10-5 Rangers! At the end of the eighth, it was Texas 12, Tampa Bay 6. In spite of the score sounding like a football score instead of a baseball score, it looked like we had this game wrapped up.

As soon as the eighth inning ended, most of the fans packed up and went home. It was over and the Rangers had won.

Someone forgot to tell the Devil Rays that, in the minds of the fans, the game was over. They came out in the top of the ninth ready to fight to the bitter end. And fight they did. The first batter gets on base on a fielding error. The second, out on a fly ball. The third strikes out swinging. The Devils, um, I mean Devil Rays are down to their last out. Rangers are up by 6 runs. Surely the game is over now for real.

Dear hubby and I decide to walk to the concourse and watch the last out from there. Strike one. Strike two. On the third pitch, the batter hits a double to left field, the base runner scores. 12-7 Rangers and still playing. The next batter hits a homer and two more runs score...12-9 Rangers. These Devils, um, Devil Rays won't give up. Next batter, single to left field. One runner on first, two outs. While the next batter is at the plate, the runner on first advances to second on "defensive indifference". The batter takes the pitch and lines out to right field.


Finally the game is over. Rangers win. They had to stay in the game until the end but they won. Final score Rangers 12, Devil Rays 9. It may not sound close but during that last inning you could feel the concern, the doubt, the fear. Fear that we may have done so well, come so close but still lost.

What about your game? Where are you in the 'game of life'? Are you just starting out, not sure where it is going? Or are you midway through, feeling that you are winning...winning and sure you will make it to the end victorious? Or are you near the end, ahead of the competition but tiring out and wondering if the enemy will come up and try to snatch your victory away?

Wherever you are in life, the 'other team', the enemy, wants so bad to steal your victory. He wants you to feel defeated. He will not give up just because you are currently sitting on top of the world. He will not give up just because you are ahead by six runs in the top of the ninth. He is going to try to steal every base hoping for your defensive indifference. Choose today to stay on top of your game.

Your Manager knows how to call the plays. He know how to coach you to the victorious end. That doesn't stop the opposing team from trying with everything he has to bring you down but you have the Coach of the Year, Coach of the Decade, Coach of the Century, Coach of the Millennium, Coach of Eternity on your team.

He is giving you signals from the dugout everyday. Open His Word and you will see them. He is coaching you during practice, open your heart and hear Him.

How will you play today? Will you play by the play book of our Loving Lord? Will you take time in prayer to listen to what He has to say? Will you stay in the game as long as you have breath and not sit out the last few innings just because you've played long enough? Will you defeat the enemy by bringing your "A" game?

1 Corinthians 9:24-25 (The Message) You've all been to the stadium and
seen the athletes race. Everyone runs; one wins. Run to win. All good athletes
train hard. They do it for a gold medal that tarnishes and fades. You're after
one that's gold eternally.

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