Friday, April 13, 2007

Have You Forfeited?

I play games on Yahoo! Games. Sometimes the other player just quits playing. Right in the middle of the game, they quit playing. So I have to sit there and wait. And wait. And wait.

Eventually a window will pop up and say something like "The other player has left the game. Would you like to wait?" And then I have the option of clicking on "Wait", "Quit and Cancel", or "Force Forfeit". Any time that I choose "Force Forfeit" I automatically win the game and my rating for the game goes up.

So last night, it was getting late, dear hubby was surprised I was still up and playing dominoes online. I said "I'm going to bed right after this game" and so he sat down to wait on me. The other player slowed down a bit but not enough to cause the window to pop-up. Finally the game ended and I said "I won!" Dear hubby said "Did you forfeit?" I was stunned. I had said that I had won and he wanted to know if I had forfeited. Doesn't the silly boy know that I would have LOST if I had forfeited? So I said "No! I won...The only time that I can win by forfeiting is when I forfeit my life to Christ" .... I even surprised myself with that one. I said "Wow that's so going to be my blog" And so here it is.

If I decide in the middle of a game that I don't want to play any more, I can click "Stand Up" and I will get similar options. They are Quit and Cancel, Quit and Forfeit, and Never Mind. There is always an option to get out of the game.

Are you trying to win in life on your own? Are you trying to decide between "Wait" and "Never Mind" (just hanging around hoping something good will come along), "Quit and Cancel" (ready to give up, wondering if you can go on, not really concerned about the consequences) and "Quit and Forfeit"(ready let our Loving Lord take the game, ready to forfeit to His will so that you can win the ultimate victory, eternal life)? Today will you give up your right to control your life and forfeit to His control?

Matthew 10:39 (New International Version) Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.

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