Friday, April 27, 2007

Have You Read All Of Words?

We get mail.
Ads, bills, magazines, and occasionally we still get a card or letter.

I'm usually the one that gets the mail from the mailbox and opens it. Or I should say opens what looks interesting or important.

I open the bills and flip through the magazines. The ads and other junk mail I just set aside for another time. Once I return to the 'other junk', sometimes weeks or months later, I have actually found real live checks and other valuable items in what I thought was unimportant.

I get tons of email.
I have multiple email accounts and get many valid emails in each of them every day.
Like many of you, I also get junk email but that gets deleted as soon as possible.

Contrary to the 'snail mail' items, I can't stand to have unread or undeleted emails. I check each email account morning, noon, and night. Yesterday I was in a hurry and checked one of my accounts and saw that I had three unread messages. I didn't have time to read each one so I had to let them go. It about killed me to know had emails that I had not yet read.

This got me thinking. Mail and email are words. Information. And so is the Bible. Our Loving Lord sent us words in His Word and gave us the information we need to live our lives. So...

So how do I treat His word?

Do I treat it like I treat the snail mail? Only picking out the parts that interest me or the parts that I think are important? Do I set the rest aside and think "I'll go throught that part some other time"?

Do I treat it like I treat my emails? Checking it several times a day? Making sure that I open every book? Making sure I read each and every word?

How will you read His Word? Will you decide to start today out by checking the Word? Will you daily check it out until you know you have read each and every word?

Revelation 1:3 (The Message) How blessed the reader!
How blessed the hearers and keepers of these oracle words,
all the words written in this book!

Time is just about up.


Connie Barris said...

Amen.. Come Lord Jesus...

I'm just like that

Sharon @ Little Lessons said...

And blogs too! I'm almost addicted to checking to see if the ones I like have been updated!

Oh to be THAT addicted to His Word!