Saturday, May 05, 2007

100 And Still Going

According to the tally on my blog, I now have written 100 entries for Little Lessons from my Loving Lord. I'm not sure if the first few entries actually count as Little Lessons though.

So in blog-land I am going to tell you 100 things about me and my journey thus far. Enjoy!

  1. I am so very glad I started doing this.
  2. I thank my Loving Lord for the encouragement of Tina who provided the last push to get me going.
  3. I am a Bible believing Christian.
  4. I believe that Christ is the only way to Heaven.
  5. I am married.
  6. My 25th wedding anniversary is this June.
  7. Our wedding was in Arlington TX.
  8. We have one son.
  9. I love my hubby.
  10. I love my son.
  11. I love my parents.
  12. I love my in-laws (parents, sister, brother,etc all of them).
  13. I love my one and only brother and his wife.
  14. I love my nieces and nephews.
  15. I was born in North Shore Hospital in Miami, FL.
  16. I lived in Carol City, FL until I was almost 13.
  17. I then moved to Lake City, FL.
  18. I went to Carol City Baptist Kindergarten.
  19. I went to North Glade Elementary School,1-4.
  20. I also went to Dade Christian School, 5-7.
  21. I went to Fort White Public School in 8th grade.
  22. I went to Richardson Ninth Grade Center.
  23. I went to Columbia High School North Campus, 10th.
  24. I went to and graduated from Columbia High School (south campus).
  25. I am a graduate of Gardner-Webb College.
  26. I have attended Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.
  27. I have attended Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.
  28. I took a class at University of Louisville.
  29. I took a class at Community College of Beaver County (PA).
  30. I took classes at Lake City Community College (FL).
  31. I learned Sign Language in college.
  32. I interpreted church services way back then.
  33. Now I only sign for my personal worship.
  34. I can not read other people signing very well.
  35. My college major was Psychology...minor was Business Computer Programming...what a combo!
  36. I graduated without ever taking a college level English class.
  37. I 'CLEP' tested out of all required English classes.
  38. I failed my Advanced Grammar and Composition final test in high school..
  39. I still passed the class.
  40. I failed because I left out the word 'beautiful' (if you want to know the rest of the story, ask).
  41. I owe a lot of my love for and desire to write to the teacher of that class Mrs Dekle.
  42. I love math.
  43. I love reading.
  44. I love to talk.
  45. I am not shy.
  46. I play at playing the piano.
  47. I played flute in the high school band.
  48. I have two cats.
  49. I grew up with dogs, no cats.
  50. I'm a Florida State Seminole fan.
  51. I'm part of the Gator-haters of the world (sorry to all my gator friends).
  52. I love the Jacksonville Jaguars.
  53. I love the Texas Rangers.
  54. I love to watch Trinity High School football games.
  55. I like to bowl.
  56. I have bowled on leagues.
  57. I have several 200+ games.
  58. I am not a neat freak.
  59. I wish I was a neat freak.
  60. I 'file by pile' but I know where to find things.
  61. Growing up, I was in the hospital 13 times for my kidneys.
  62. In elementary school, my best girlfriends where Amy, Becky and Kathy.
  63. In high school, my best girlfriends were Rene', Karlyn, Brenda, and Theresa.
  64. I have been to Canada but not to Mexico.
  65. I am going to Mexico this summer.
  66. I love to go on cruises.
  67. I enjoyed visiting Grand Cayman on a cruise.
  68. I fulfilled a dream of visiting Puerto Rico on a cruise.
  69. Some day I want to visit Australia.
  70. I was a summer missionary in Montana.
  71. I met my husband while in Montana.
  72. I like to visit Walt Disney world in the winter but not in summer.
  73. I also like to visit the Vermont mountains in the winter, never been there in summer.
  74. I like Vermont Teddy Bears.
  75. My current favorite TV show is NCIS.
  76. My favorite TV show as a child was the Brady Bunch.
  77. I also enjoyed HeeHaw and Laugh In.
  78. I love Hillsong worship music.
  79. I love the old hymns sung with meaning.
  80. I did not learn to make biscuits from my mom or my grandmother.
  81. My great-grandmother (mom's dad's mom), my grandmother (mom's mom) and my mother were/are the best biscuit makers in the world.
  82. I love banana pudding...the real stuff.
  83. I make good peach cobbler.
  84. I don't like to drive in traffic.
  85. I don't like to make left turns without a protected left arrow.
  86. My favorite Bible verse is Philippians 4:13.
  87. Growing up I only lived in Florida.
  88. While married I have lived in Texas, Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania and back in Texas.
  89. I won third place in a DAR speech contest in high school...there were only three entrants.
  90. I sold Tastefully Simple for 5 only venture into direct sales.
  91. I rarely wear makeup.
  92. I once lost over 30 pounds but I found it all and more.
  93. I drive a CRV.
  94. I love wearing blue jeans.
  95. I am not fashion conscious.
  96. I don't like liver.
  97. I love popcorn.
  98. I'm proud and glad to be an American.
  99. I'm very thankful for freedom OF religion in my country.
  100. I love my Loving Lord and can not imagine life without him.

OK...I guess that was pretty boring to most of you...but I want to honor blog-land tradition.


Connie Barris said...

OK>. I enjoyed that.. so you know I want the details of the writing and missing the word beautiful..

I took every english class and failed the first part but after that, anything with real writing and poetry I was ok..I wrote a term paper as a poem.. he said it was a first.. lOl..

and what is it with the traffic.. I want that story... I hate traffic.. it stressed me out..

yea yea I know.. I'm one of those Gators...but the proof is in the Banana pudding... snort giggle..


hey, Maggie from Magninimity is doing my blog.. she isn't finished but don't you like??

Susan said...

What a great list! I love the term, "File by pile"! I laughed when I read it because I am your soul sister on that one.

I also am an FSU fan and live in a house of Gators. Oh well.

Blessings to you this week and happy 100!!

:-) Susan