Monday, May 21, 2007

Are You Iron?

I have been entering some writing challenges at and I am amazed at the level of talent there is out there in 'writing-land'.

After reading some of last week's challenge winners, I said to my dear hubby "When I read what those writers wrote and see how good they are, I see why I don't make my living as a professional writer!" He started to interrupt me so he could placate me with some soothing words when I continued "But when I sit down to write with just a few lines in my mind or just a concept of a Little Lesson and the words just flow out onto the screen, I see how my Loving Lord can give life to the dream He has planted in me to be a writer and speaker!"

One of the writers at Faith Writers has offered to proof my entries and to provide me with feedback on my writing. That is part of what I do every day in my job as a Communications Manager -- I read what other people write and make suggestions on how they can write it better.

Others write, I edit and improve on their writing. I write and others edit and improve on what I write.

We all sharpen each other's skills.

There are other writers in my life as well that encourage me and provide me feedback. Rose, in Phoenix, who writes training materials. Lucy, a coworker, who writes for her own enjoyment and edits several newsletters. Connie, in Georgia, who writes a beautiful blog. Wayne, my brother, who has to write several sermons each week.

Sometimes the feedback is good and encouraging. Sometimes it seems critical at first or stirs up controversy over viewpoints or contradicts something that person told me about a previous draft. Every time the feedback is to help me be the best writer I can be to reach the most people with the Little Lessons our Loving Lord gives me.

They all help me sharpen my skills.

Where do you need sharpening today? In what area of your life do you need someone to give you some feedback? In what talent area do you think you are 'good' but someone else is better? Will you let that person sharpen you?

Is there someone you need to challenge today? Is there someone that shares a talent with you that you need to meet with and provide feedback to so that they can be sharpened? Will you be the iron that sharpens their iron?

Proverbs 27:17 (New International Version) As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.


Connie Barris said...

you are way too kind...

remember I am the one that their english teacher tried to fail on several occasions...and said, "Give it up"

I write only for God...

and you my dear write beautifully.. your husband was complimenting you because he tells it like he sees it....

so go forth and write....

Janice Cartwright said...

Hi - I'm a fellow writer at FW and thought I'd drop in and visit your blog. Interesting you should quote the iron sharpens iron passage in Proverbs: our pastor used it in his sermon just this past Sunday, only with a surprising twist. If you read it in context it is talking about how difficulty in relationships sharpens both parties. He drew a parallel to the abrasive action that takes place when a spear is being sharpened to a fine point. Painful possibly but effective.

Looking forward to reading more of your articles at FW.