Monday, May 14, 2007

I Got Tagged

My blog friend Connie at Little Red Heart From God tagged me.

If you are new to blogland, this simply means that when you are tagged you have to post a blog with a list of "supposedly" interesting things about yourself then you tag others.

So here is my list...

1 - My favorite fast food place is Krystals.

2 - My elemtary school P.E. teacher was Mr. Jackson. The father of Victoria Jackson from Saturday Night Live. We called her Vicki. :-)

3 - I used to go to Vicki's house to play after school and during the summer.

4 - When I was about 11 years old I almost mowed over a big dragon in my backyard. was actually a small iquana but it looked like a large monster-sized dragon to me.

5 - My soft drink of choice is Diet Coke.

6 - My dad and my brother are both ordained ministers.

7 - My husband and son both work around airplanes. My husband for an airline and my son for a package delivery company.

8 - I have two cats, Tiger (boy) and Tigger (girl) but I don't have 8 blogland friends to tag.

So I'm not a complete party-pooper...I did make my list...So if any blogger out there reads this, and you haven't yet been tagged... I say.... "Tag! You're it! Now please go to your blog home, make your list, and pass the tag along." :-)


Connie Barris said...

You are too funny...

and I love krystals...

what was it we had in Florida that was like krystals? White Castle? I loved them anyway....

thanks for playing

Sharon @ Little Lessons said...

No!No!No! ... White Castles are for those Northerner's! In Florida we had Krystals too!