Saturday, May 26, 2007

Where Do You Get Direction?

My son wanted to buy chocolate for his sweet girlfriend.

So off to Wally-World he went.

When he got there, he called me. His mom. Called his mom from Wally-World.

"So I want to buy her chocolate...I see this baking that what I want?"

Smiling to myself, I simply replied "No. You're in the wrong area. Are you at Wally-World?" I wanted to verify he didn't decide to go somewhere else.

Son: "YES!"
Mom: "Do you know where the bikes are in Wally-World?"
Son: "Bikes! What do bikes have to do with chocolate?!? I'm in the grocery part and they are on the other side of the store!"
Mom: "You are in the wrong part of the store. Do you know where the bikes are!?!"
Son: "Yeeesssss!"
Mom: "Just before you get to the bikes, there's a wide aisle and just before that is the candy section."
Son: "OH YEAH! That's right! OK, thanks, bye!"

And with that his need for 'mom' was over.

However, the cool thing is this...He needed help. He needed information. He's a young adult man that didn't have all the answers...and he knew where to turn...knew who he could trust...he didn't just try to do it by himself, right or wrong...he called home. Home.

So of course I found myself asking myself "Self! What do you do when you need help? When you don't have all the answers? When you are looking for chocolate miracles but all you see is chocolate trials? Do you call Home and speak to our Father and let him smile at you and say 'Sweet child, you are looking in the wrong place'"?

I never want to forget the fact that my Loving Lord has all the answers. He knows where everything is in the store called Life. He can use what I know (like the bikes) as a point of reference to get me where I need to be.

Are you looking for something today but not sure if you have found it? Will you call our Loving Lord and ask Him if you are where you need to be? Will you listen carefully when He asks you if you know where the 'bikes' are so He can guide you to the place you should be?
Psalm 25:8 (The Message)
God is fair and just;
He corrects the misdirected,
Sends them in the right direction.


Connie Barris said...

so sweet....

Wished we listened that well, don't you?

I'll have to email you about some things God is doing in my life right now...

have a wonderful holiday weekend

Pinks & Blues Girls said...

Beautiful post. Just wonderful. Thank you for stopping by Pinks & Blues! I hope you have a fabulous rest of this Memorial Day Weekend.
- Audrey

Susan said...

Beautiful, just beautiful! You're right, I LOVE it when my 19yo son calls me for advice or to know directions. Yet, I "forget" to call on MY heavenly Father enough. I love it.

Hugs to you!!

:-) Susan

Connie Barris said...

Hey girl....

I have tagged you with a really fun / sweet / spiritual game...

it's under sweet dreams... and you don't have to tag anyone else if you don't want to...