Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Are You Keeping Yourself In A Prison?

Years ago, we joined in prayer with many others regarding a woman that was accused of hurting a baby in her care at a church day care. Let's call this woman "Lady". Lady was charged on circumstantial evidence. From all newspaper accounts and available court records, there never was an investigation into family members. The doctors that examined the baby only stated that the baby had indeed been shaken between one date and another date. The baby was only in Lady's care a short part of that time. Lady, to this day, maintains her innocence. Lady has children of her own who never displayed any evidence of abuse. Lady however was charged and convicted and sent to prison for nine years. Nine years away from her family as her children grew up. Nine years away from her very supportive husband. Nine years for a crime that most people do not believe she committed.

Let's call the baby's mother "Girl." Girl was able to convince a jury that Lady had hurt her baby in a criminal way. Girl was invited to go on a popular talk show to talk about child abuse. Girl then wrote about her talk show experience on her web page. Did she write about the effects of child abuse? No. Did she write about how she hoped getting her story out there would prevent other children from being abused? No. Did she write about how she hoped that her son would benefit from Girl exposing this story on national TV? No. Well what did she write about? She wrote about the glitz and glamor of being picked up in a limo and taken to the studio and how she was treated so well by the host. She wrote about her on celebrity-style day. It was all about Girl! Nothing about why she had agreed to go on the show. Nothing about the baby at all.

At this point it makes one wonder about Girls motives.

Fast forward through the years while Lady sits in prison. Pick up a local newspaper in the town where Girl lives. What? Girl is accused of attempting to kill her own mother with a tool. Knocked her right upside the head. I wonder what her story was that time. "I didn't do it officer. I promise. I didn't do it. The mice in the tool shed must have hurt my poor momma." Is that what she said? I don't know.

Yet read all the online accounts that you can find today about Lady, Girl, and the baby and you will see that few people believe in Lady's guilt and more and more people are believing that Girl caused baby's harm.

For nine years, Lady sat in prison knowing she did not harm that baby. For nine years she had to trust that our Loving Lord, who always knows the truth, would take care of her and would 'get' the real perpetrator. And it seems He did. At the expense of Girl's mother, Girl did not get away with it forever. Lady never, from what I understand, pointed the finger at anyone else. She never tried to assess blame to any one person. She just knew that she, herself, was innocent.

I don't know if the courts will ever reverse their decision. I don't know if Lady will ever be vindicated. But I'm sure for Lady, there is a small, little bit of comfort in knowing that now that Lady is free and back in society, Girl sits locked in a prison cell. Lady can't get those years back, but she can leave the past, present, and future in the hands of our Loving Lord.

Has someone hurt you in a way that can not be corrected?

Has someone sentenced you to an internal prison term that ate away part of your life? What are you doing about it? Are you devising a plan to get them back? Are you doing your best to imprison them? Or...

Are you letting our Loving Lord fling open the prison doors that are holding you in? Are you asking Him to help you forgive those that have wronged you? Are you setting others free with forgiveness and therefore freeing yourself as well? Are you remembering His promise to 'take care' of things for us? Will you be free today?

Jeremiah 16:18 (The Message) "They won't get by with a thing. They'll pay double for everything they did wrong. They've made a complete mess of things, littering their lives with their obscene no-gods, leaving piles of stinking god-junk all over the place."

Romans 12:19 (King James Version) Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.


forgiven4this said...

Wow, what a story. It is sad that Lady had to serve 9 years for something she did not do. And it is more sad that girl's life is far from the light of truth. I haven't heard of this story, because I chose not to listen to the news. But I pray more for Girls salvation then I would Lady's. Lady obviously trusted in the Lord, so I have faith that God is her savior. And because he is he will restore Lady's family. But the poor Girl who is full of lies....what can I say.

Blessings thanks for the comment on my blog!

Susan said...

That's amazing. I think there are several instances of such things happening where the innocent pay for the guilty. It's sad.

Thank you for this beautiful thought today.

:-) Susan

Connie Barris said...

I love stories where Vindication is proven on earth... I know it always won't be the case...but God is so merciful...

great story to share His redeeming love....

thank you... it gave me chills