Friday, June 01, 2007

To Worry or To Worship?

I had something on my mind today. Something that I had to deal with. Something that I needed to work out and needed it to workout in my favor.

So as I drove to work, I did something that I don't usually let myself do. I started to worry about it.

That wasn't good. Nor was what happened next.

I started to worry then I started to plot and scheme. I thought to myself "Well if it doesn't work out the way that I need it to then I'll just do this and then I'll do that and that will show them! Hmmph!"

Then I said "STOP IT!"

Oh, how I hate it when my mind wonders like that!!!

I immediately tried to turn my thoughts around. It wasn't easy. It's like a semi-truck trying to make a u-turn on a two lane road in rush-hour traffic. Not very easy!

Then a song came on the radio that I did not know. So I forced my mind to focus on the words of that song. This took my mind off my 'worries'. Then.

Then I said to myself "Self! You have a choice to make right here, right now. You can choose to worry or you can choose to worship. But you can't do both. It's one or the other."

So I replied to myself "Self, you are absolutely right! And I am choosing.... I'm choosing... I'm am going to .... worship!"

And myself replied "Wahoo!"

So the rest of the way to work I prayed and I sang and I focused on what Terri and John where talking about. (Just to prove that point...they were talking about "Taking Back the Family Month" and holding a contest on best/worse use of money, which I almost entered but didn't.)

Before I knew it, I was at work. And you know what? That 'thing' wasn't even on my mind by that time.

Shortly thereafter I had a chance to check on that thing that I needed to get worked out and have it work out in my favor and you know what? It did! It was already worked out and it was the way I needed it to be.

And had I chose to worry instead of worship, the worry would have all been in vain.

What will your choice be today? Will you choose worry over worship and dwell on things you can not change? Or will you choose worship over worry and let our Loving Lord handle all the details of your life?
Matthew 6:27 (Amplified Bible) And who of you by worrying and being anxious can
add one unit of measure (cubit) to his stature or to the
span of his life?

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Susan said...

All I could think when I read this was "Be anxious in nothing!" I love those words.


:-) Susan