Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Has He Heard From You Lately?

When you use Internet Explorer 7, you can have tabs across the top of your internet browser so you can quickly click between several open pages at one time. Mine default to Google, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail and Faithwriters.

Whenever I get a new email in my Yahoo Mail account the tab changes from "Y! (O unread) AT&T Yahoo..." to "Y! (1 unread) AT&T Yahoo..." or ever how many come in at that time. It's always exciting to glance over at that tab and see a number there. To know that I received a message from someone. I eagerly go to see who it is from. If it is junk mail or spam, I'm so disappointed. However if is from a family member or good blogging friend, I get so excited. I immediately open it to see what special message they sent just to me.

When it is spam or forwarded junk mail, I find myself thinking "Phooey! I thought that might have been from Connie or Wayne or..."

(Bear with me while I make this transition. Our Loving Lord is all knowing so I know He knows it's us when we call on Him. )

I wonder...when we 'ignore' our Loving Lord for a long time...I wonder if when Heaven's 'unread email' number changes...I wonder if He eagerly clicks on the tab thinking to Himself "I hope this is from {fill in your name}, I really want to hear from them".... And I wonder if He is disappointed when it's still not you or me contacting Him.

Have you sent a special communication to our Loving Lord lately? Have you told Him how much what He wrote means to you? Have you 'left a comment on His website' so that others too can know how you were blessed by His Word? If you haven't chatted with Him lately, will you make time to do so today?

Psalm 18:3 (New International Version) I call to the LORD, who is worthy of praise,
and I am saved from my enemies.

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Laura said...

portion of that scripture - Psalm 18:3 (New International Version) I call to the LORD, who is worthy of praise,

That's it just because He is worthy of my praise. I love you Lord. You are my Lord. How wonderful that you love me. Thank you for loving me. Sometimes that's all I say in my ,morning shower but it seems to make God full of joy because the reat of my day is focused more on Him and less on me. Thank you Lord that I can come to you with my silliness and my joy, my worry and my troubles, my faith and my disbelief, my confusion and my stedfastness, my sorrow and your promises, I luv you Lord and sometimes that's all I can say until I can figure the rest out but the best is that I love you Lord.

Thanks for reminding me of that simple joy. I love you too Sharon - you help to keep me on track