Sunday, July 08, 2007

Two For One

I'm going to do a two-for-one post. I have an award that I received that I need to post about and I have been tagged to do a 'meme'. Since we have family coming to see us on Thursday and we are still cleaning up from the water in the house, I have had to let both of these sit and wait for me.

First the award...My friend Connie at
Little Red Hearts from God has awarded me the Blogger Reflection award. You can read what she wrote on her June 29th post.


Connie is one of my encourager's. Our Loving Lord put her in my life through the blog world. I look forward to reading her blog and hearing from her on almost a daily basis. Connie, thank you! I am honored.

On her award nomination page she says:

"I have a stipulation if you receive this award, I want to recognize the originator, a teen aged girl enthralled with Lord of the Rings. You can meet her here. Here are her stipulations for granting the award:"As for my award, it is called The Blogger reflection Award. Why? The reason for the title is because this award should make you reflect on five bloggers who have been an encouragement, a source of love, impacted you in some way, and have been a Godly example to you.Five Bloggers who when you reflect on them you get a sense of pride and joy... of knowing them and being blessed by them.""This award is for the best-of-the-best so consider who you pick, carefully. This award should not be given to just anyone. If you're going to do the award don't just write a few words and slap it on your blog. Write real thoughts about these bloggers and what they've been to you, and if the bloggers you pick have already been given the award, don't be afraid to give to them again. They deserve it as many times as it's given."That's a pretty tall order from a 16 year-old girl,"

And here are my nominations...

1) I honestly must start with Connie! Not because of her nomination but rather because of her commitment to her 'Abba'. If I only read one blog a day, it is Little Red Hearts from God. I am challenged and encouraged each time I read her entries. She looks deep into the heart of God and listens to what He has to say and then writes it down for all of us to read. Thank you Connie for taking the time each day to share with us.

2) Holly at Crown Laid Down has shown me how to follow God's leading in your life even when it does not make any sense to those around you. She has reminded me not to listen to the nay-sayers when God says Yes or GO! If you want to read the story of a couple that has been challenged by God and followed Him, visit Holly soon.

3) Lynn at Spiritually Unequal Marriage has a ministry that touches many lives. She devotes her blog to helping those in marriages where one is a believer and one is not. Since our Loving Lord has brought me and dear hubby through some very challenging times, I know there was a time when I would have been ministered to in a special way through this website. I am still blessed by many of the things the Lord leads her to write.

4) Patty at Girlfriends in God reminds me to see God in everything including the alphabet. About once a week she posts a new letter and challenges us to think of all the things we know about our Loving Lord that start with that letter. This week's letter is Q. Not an easy one but she did it. "Quick to forgive. Question answer-er. Quiet times." She also reminds us to be thankful by participating in Thankful Thursdays.

5) Iris at Sting my Heart is an encourager to others. She too has a variety of things on her blog. When she writes from her heart, I am indeed challenged. I think she is the originator of Thankful Thursdays. She awards encourager awards to other but I think she is the one deserving of such an award.

Some of the above have already received this award and that is OK. These are the five that help me 'reflect' on our Loving Lord.

Now the meme thing....once again I was tagged by Connie for this. Here are the rules:1. those tagged will share 5 things they dig about Jesus…2. those tagged will tag 5 other bloggers…3. those tagged will post a comment here with their name and a link to their “dig” Jesus list…

1) I dig that Jesus doesn't mind if we use modern day vernacular to talk about Him as long as we maintain respect for Him. Some people may be offended that we use the words "dig" and "Jesus" in the same sentence but I think Jesus meets us where we are...just like He did the woman at the well.

2) I dig that Jesus can be trusted to provide for all of our needs. He knew the needs that we would have as a result of this rain and He has provided so far.

3) I dig that Jesus gives us peace in the midst of trials.

4) I dig that Jesus knows me better than I know myself and He will never lead me where I should not be.

5) I dig that Jesus puts people in my life to encourage me like Teena who encouraged me to blog in the first place and each reader that let's me know when our Loving Lord uses a Little Lesson to meet them where they are.

As for the five people I need to're it! If you are reading this, consider yourself tagged. If you have a blog, post your reply on your blog. If not, post a comment below and let us know your five! (If you are a subscriber that gets this in your email then click on the link below that follows "Posted By Sharon @ Little Lessons to" below.)


Connie Barris said...

AWESOME girl....

You always just put things into words... from the heart... beautifully.... you just amaze me...I know God just speaks to you as you are such an open vessel to Him..

to God be the Glory....

love you and thank you for doing this..
and thank you for the kind words

eph2810 said...

Oh - thank you so, so much for giving Sting my Heart the "Blogger Reflection Award". You truly don't know what it means to me.

I love your answers on the meme :) - I want to add that "I dig Jesus because He always sets me straight when I wander off on my own path" :)

Blessings to you and yours...

Patty said...

I thank you so much for giving me the award!! I am humbled and honored. I am going to give this some thought as to who I will nominate. Thank you for always being an encourager.

Have a blessed with with Jesus!

Rose said...

I've been tagged to share 5 things I dig about Jesus:
1. I dig that Jesus wants to spend time with me and is always available. All I have to do is show up. Wow, what an honor!
2. I dig that Jesus gave us freedom and access to His Holy Spirit. Our freedom to choose to live in the Spirit sets us free. If we choose to reject the Spirit and live in the flesh, then we lose our freedom and become slaves to the things of this world. Our choice!
3. I dig that Jesus accepts me for who I am. I don't have to impress Him.
4. I dig that Jesus gives me joy and peace no matter what my circumstances may be at any given time.
5. I dig that Jesus paved the way to heaven for us. All we have to do is accept His gift. Wow, what a gift!

Lynn said...

Wow, thank you so much. I just returned home and read your email. You have touched me deeply with your kind words.

Jesus is my author and hope. I give Him all honor.

Thank you for being my friend. You hold a special place in my heart.

Love and hugs, me

Also, I apologize because I thought I had your site on my blogroll. I put you on there today.

Blessings my friend. :)