Thursday, August 02, 2007

Does It Bite Or Bless?

So after my long day Tuesday, I was so ready to get in bed Tuesday night. I slept great! I woke up Wednesday morning to little pink spots on my legs.

OK. I went to bed with bite free legs and woke up with bites. I'm sure you are thinking what I'm thinking. So the question was what to do about it.

Off to the front desk I went,"um, excuse me, I'm actually embarrassed to ask this but...have you ever had anyone complain about bedbugs?"

"Uh no, why?"

"Well look at my legs" (I raise my pants leg on my right leg)

"Oh my! Let me check into it while you are at work. We may have to move you."

So off to work I went and when I got back, sure enough, they had moved me and placed a letter of apology in my room. And in the envelope was a gift card to Johnny's Italian Steakhouse. So of course, off to dinner I went...I had zucchini strips, melt-in-your-mouth petite fillet minion, loaded baked potato and, oh yeah, creme brulee!!! And Mackenzie, my server, was great, wonderful, terrific!

Now at the end of the day I think the bites may be spider bites not bed bugs but still acquired in bed...and still bites.

Things that I did not want (bites on my legs) brought something I didn't know I desired (steak & creme brulee).

This reminds me of a recurrent theme from the Bible. One example, Joseph didn't want to be sold into slavery but it brought him something he didn't know he desired, a way to take care of his family years and years later.

What is biting you today? What might it be preparing you for that you don't yet know that you desire? Will you trust our Loving Lord to use it for good?

Genesis 39:2-6 (The Message) As it turned out, God was with Joseph and things went very well with him. He ended up living in the home of his Egyptian master. His master recognized that God was with him, saw that God was working for good in everything he did. He became very fond of Joseph and made him his personal aide. He put him in charge of all his personal affairs, turning everything over to him. From that moment on, God blessed the home of the Egyptian—all because of Joseph. The blessing of God spread over everything he owned, at home and in the fields, and all Potiphar had to concern himself with was eating three meals a day.


CrownLaidDown said...

I am sorry for the bites, Sharon, but thankful for the steak dinner (and their promptness in taking care of you!).

My bites? Well they are two-fold, some health things that I'm getting tests done for (hyper-thyroid/ maybe Graves' or Plummer's diesease) and finances. We are really needing guidance right now.

You are precious! I have missed you and will be back soon to catch up...I'm finally getting to the sweet award you gave to me. Sorry it has taken a month to do!
Love you in Him,

Connie Barris said...

ok.. I would have been better with bedbugs.. I am TERRIFIED of spiders... I had been bitten by a brown recluse(?) years ago with many complications...
My friend had to pull his car over the other day because a spider was in the car and I was screaming... yes.. I was overdramatic..

I wouldn't be able to sleep thinking spiders were biting me.. OMG...

I'm thinking a cruise, not dinner...

ok... I'm calming down...

is everything better??

I have missed you lately.. I hope you are ok....

love you