Monday, October 29, 2007

How Will You React To The Fires Around You?

I have a friend from childhood that grew up and became an actress. As adults, we've only had a few opportunities to visit. Whenever I find out that she is anywhere near me, I do try to go see her both as a friend and to support her career.

Recently she had a gig in a nearby town and I really wanted to get together with her however the timing was just not right. So we simply chatted by phone and got caught up on our families.

Since I know that she currently lives in the L.A. area, I asked her about the fires. Are they close to her? Has she been affected by them? She said that they were about an hour away in any direction and that the air in her part of town was white with ash and it was very hard to breathe. She was very thankful for the 'reprieve' that she got by coming here to perform.

However, she did not want to go back right away. She wanted to stay in the fire-free air of North Texas. Wouldn't we all?

Sometimes we live in and amongst the fires of the world. Sometimes the raging fires seem to be coming in from all sides. Sometimes we feel that we can't breathe spiritually because of the junk in the air of the world around us. Profanity. Pornography. Alcohol. Drugs. Promiscuity.

Then we get a chance to get away from it all. We go on a retreat. We go on a trip. We get a massage. We do something equally relaxing that lets us just for a moment forget that we live in the heart of an area besieged with fire. And we really want to stay there. Stay where we know it is safe.

What do we do? What should we do? We know the answer. We have to go back to 'reality'. We have to go back and do our part to help defend our part of the world from the raging fires. We have to go back and protect our home. We have to go back and help our neighbors find protection. We have to go back and do our part to fight.

That's what my friend did. She is now back home in L.A. Back in the center of the fire in more ways than one. See my friend is a strong Christian. A strong Christian living for our Loving Lord in L.A. A strong Christian living for our Loving Lord in the 'Hollywood culture'. She has a real heart to take Him to the lost in her industry.

What fires are you facing today? How are you facing them? Are you using them as an excuse to avoid contact with others or are you using the fires you face as a way to share our Loving Lord with those around you?

Psalm 50:2-4 (Amplified Bible)

2Out of Zion, the perfection of beauty, God shines forth.
3Our God comes and does not keep silence; a fire devours before Him, and round about Him a mighty tempest rages.
4He calls to the heavens above and to the earth, that He may judge His people:

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