Thursday, November 01, 2007

Will You Slamma Jamma Today?

Tigger, my girl cat, loves to boldly walk up to me when I am sitting down and slam her body into my legs. We call it 'slamma jammin' herself into one's legs. Sometimes she also slamma jamma's into my side when I am laying down.

The interesting thing is that when I am sitting down and she slamma jammas, if I reach out to pet her, she moves away. Moves out of reach. Which, of course, starts a conversation.

Me: Tigger, you slamma jamma'd me...don't you want me to pet you?
Tigger: {stares blankly at me}
Me: Come on girl...let me pet you.
Tigger: {more stares and a couple of steps backward}
Me: Tig's come on, Mommy wants to pet you.
Tigger: {Takes one step towards me and turns and walks away}

Me: Okay then...don't slamma jamma me if you don't want my attention!

Today when she did this to me, it got me to thinking about us and our relationship with our Loving Lord and His church.

I wonder how often, when one has wondered away, I wonder how often we come back to Him and slam right back into His side saying "I'm back. I'm here. Notice me. Love me." Then when our Loving Lord or the people of His family reach out to share and show that love, we back away and say with our actions "Don't touch me. Don't help me. Don't reach me with your love."

Wherever you are today, will you boldly go to Christ today and 'slamma jamma' into His lap and say "Here I am, Lord." Then, instead of jumping down and running away, will you stay right there in His lap and let Him show His love to you? Will you let Him touch you today in great and mighty ways?"

Matthew 14:36 (New Century Version) They begged Jesus to let them touch just the edge of his coat, and all who touched it were healed.

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