Sunday, December 02, 2007

How Did It Happen Before Email?

I'm very curious about something even though I think I know the answer. How did stories about things God is doing spread around before email?

I'm also curious as to why He suddenly needs email with conditions to have His love spread around. You know what I mean by 'with conditions'. Emails that instruct you to send the email immediately to x number of people within in x number of hours or days so that you will receive a special blessing. You've received them, right?

I'm still looking for the prophecy in scripture that says that this is how He will continue to spread His Word.

Now don't get me wrong. I'm not against using email to spread the Gospel. I do it each time I write a blog and release it to my subscribers. I realize there are many types of electronic items that exist today that were not available in our Loving Lord's days on earth. Things like the telephone, radio, television, internet, even microphones and sound systems so more people can hear the word at one time. And I think all of these can be used for good to share the Message.

I also find it funny that those who have me in their address books and forward 'message' emails to everyone, well, these people seem to leave me off when they forward Little Lessons on. If they are forwarding the ones that speak to them, I'd love to know. So I think it's one of two things, people don't think there is anything here worth sharing, or, I don't promise any thing more than what the Word of God promises so the lessons are not worth passing along. Right?

I still wonder about the need for believers to fill other believer's email boxes with clearly witnessing stories just because their is a hook in the email that says 'if you forward this email, you will be blessed within 24 hours.' I receive these from friends all the time.

I also wonder if one person anywhere really actually has a testimony about what happened to them based on forwarding one of these emails. Oh, I know. I know that the email SAYS that the person who sent it to the person who sent it to you was shocked and surprised by it. The email says it's mystical, magical, mysterious how it happens. But has anyone every actually witnessed 'it' happening? Has anyone ever really received a big check from forwarding an email or received deving healing because they didn't break the chain?

I have a suggestion. If the story really speaks that much to you, instead of forwarding to everyone, or almost everyone, in your address book, why not do one of these things instead...

  1. Think of the person you most want to send it to. Then pick up the phone, call the person, ask them how there day is going. Then tell them that you just read an email that made you think of them. And ask them if you can read it to them. If the person is a believer, you can simply tell them why this particular email made you think of them. If they are a non-believer, you can share more and possibly lead them Christ. I think it would be the very rare case where the non-believer would have read the email and picked up the phone to call YOU to ask more.
  2. Print the email out and add a hand-wriitten note to it and then mail it to those you want to share it with. If it's not worth the stamp, it may not be worth forwarding in email. Then when the person gets a hand-written note from you, it will probably make their day and that my friend should always be a blessing.
  3. Finally, if the message of the email is that good and if you feel you must share this particular email with a ton of people, then go ahead and click forward BUT WAIT, before you hit send, move down into the body of the email and strip out everything but the actual story you want to share. Strip out all the addresses of the people who forwarded it to people who forwarded it to people who forwarded it to you. Strip out the parts that talk about "if you forward this to x people then..." Simply share the story.

What will you do? How will you handle the next great witnessing story or friendship story that you receive in your email box? More importantly, how will you share one-on-one with those that really need to hear the Good News to be sure the Message gets through?

Revelation 22:18-19 (The Message) I give fair warning to all who hear the words of the prophecy of this book: If you add to the words of this prophecy, God will add to your life the disasters written in this book; if you subtract from the words of the book of this prophecy, God will subtract your part from the Tree of Life and the Holy City that are written in this book.

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