Thursday, January 03, 2008

Do You Only Accept 5-Stars?

Have you ever had a wonderful meal? I mean a 5-Star meal from a classy restaurant or a top quality prime steak cooked to perfection at home. We've had two such occasions in past year or so. One was at a Brazilian steak house and one was at the steak house we went to for a 'milestone' birthday celebration for my sister-in-law. The steaks were melt-in-your-mouth. The service was the best.

After you ate that meal or left that restaurant, did you feel full? Satisfied? Happy? Did you now have a new measuring stick to measure all future meals by?

Have you ever belonged to a church where you thought the pastor was better than any other preacher alive? Is there a pastor that you measure all other pastors against?

Have you ever experienced true worship at a church? Has everything ever come together in such a way that with the music, the preaching, and the fellowship you felt that this must be exactly what Heaven will be like?

Not all meals that you eat will be 5-star meals and not all meals will leave you that happy or satisfied. Does that mean that you won't eat any more? Does that mean that until and unless you can repeat the 5-star dining experience you won't be involved in eating? We all know the answer to that one. If you don't eat ... you die. Instead we find other healthy meals that will nourish our bodies while savoring the memory of the special meals.

Not all churches will measure up to the one that you or I recall as the best we ever attended with the best preaching and best music. Does that mean that we stop attending church until and unless we can recreate that one church with the right kind of pastor and right kind of music? Or do we find a church that can provide a steady healthy diet of solid preaching and Christ-centered music and get involved?

(Note to all readers: This has been a real personal struggle for me in my search for a new church home.)

Psalm 145:19 (Contemporary English Version) You satisfy the desires of all your worshipers, and you come to save them when they ask for help.

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Royal said...

Worship is a condition of the heart. One day the teaching can be inspiring and the music can be moving and the next time a difference in the attitude of the heart can change the perception of the quality.....