Saturday, July 05, 2008

Have You Trusted Him to Supply?

Think many times have you quoted the verse "...My God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory..."

Too many to count? I thought so.


How many times....have you believed that verse to be true? Or have you chosen to fret and worry instead of standing on His promises?

When was the last time you saw that verse in action? What was your reaction? Was it confidence or stunned surprise?

I have to confess. I stand on this verse, what seems like, daily. Yet this weekend ... wow ... this weekend, I have lived it. Seen in full action. And, yes, deep down I was surprised.

First, I went shopping yesterday for a dress for the wedding. I know I haven't shared many Little Lessons lately, so most of you aren't aware of the 'never-ending search for the perfect mother of the groom dress'. So many things to consider: don't over-shadow the bride (I couldn't anyway!), don't clash with or totally match the mother of the bride, don't look like an old washed-up bridesmaid, blend in... I had always imagined myself in beige but it was suggested to me by the bride and groom that I get a dress within the color scheme of the wedding. I won't bore you with all the details...long story short, I wanted to find a silver and black outfit that would softly blend in with the wedding. Saturday, as I was walking into the first store of the day (which would be about the 20th store over several weekends), I prayed, out loud, "Lord, I really want a silver top to go with a black skirt. I know you know that. I also know that you have ordained my steps..." (Yes, this was my actual, out loud prayer.) ..."I know that you have gone before me on this day. I'm asking you and trusting you that I will find a silver top in this store." Please note, I didn't say 'buy' just find. Be aware of what you pray for so that you can recognize how He answers and provides for you.

I walked in the store and went to where the special occasion outfits were the last time I visited this store.

They ... were ... gone!!! Oh, my!

Then I glanced up on the wall and saw that they had simply moved everything to the wall displays from the circular racks. Whew!

I saw it. Silver on silver and very elegant two piece set that would go beautifully with a flowing black skirt. I almost started to cry. I let out a soft "Thank you Lord." But I also saw the shimmery black two piece set that had pink and silver mixed in. The primary colors of the wedding!!! I tried them both on. The silver was too big on me...and it was the only one they had. I had asked that God have a silver set in the store...not that it fit. :-) My 'need' was met in the second set that matches the colors of the wedding.

Then today...

Today I went shopping for bridal shower gift. As I shopped, I kept reminding myself that we need scotch tape. I picked out the gift, the wrapping paper and the card. I also looked for a bow and ribbons to match the colors of the wedding. I found white paper, a pink bow and silver curls but nothing in black. All I wanted to find was simple black ribbon that could wrap around the gift. Again, I seemed this time the answer was 'no'.

After I picked up a few more things that I needed, I checked out and headed home. As I turned into the driveway... I realized it. No tape. I didn't have the desire to return to the store. I thought about asking my neighbor if I could borrow some. Instead, I prayed again. "Lord, you provided my need yesterday. Please help me find tape in this house today." I dug deep in three different drawers and found just enough left on two rolls to get the presents wrapped up.

While looking for the tape, I realized that sometimes when I think God says "no", He is simply saying "wait." In the second drawer that I looked for tape in, I found something special. I found just enough black ribbon left on a ribbon roll to finish off the wrapping of the gift. "My God will supply..."

Isn't our Loving Lord so cool that He would go before us and make sure that what we need is right where we need it when we need it? If I can trust him for, what others may think are silly little things, like finding a blouse or having enough tape to wrap a present, how much more can I trust Him to supply my real needs?

How long has it been since you let Him surprise you with His greatness? What can you let go of today, stop worrying about today, and turn over to Him? What is stopping you?

Philippians 4:19 - 20 (The Message) You can be sure that God will take care of everything you need, his generosity exceeding even yours in the glory that pours from Jesus. Our God and Father abounds in glory that just pours out into eternity. Yes.