Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Why Am I Going This Way?

Recently I stopped to pick up a someone on my way to church. We left her house and I headed due north on one of the main roads by her house. A road I travel often. A road I had taken recently. After driving a mile or so, I said "Where I am I going? Why am I going this way?" My church is basically due northeast, not due north, of her house and you take a completely different main road to get there. She has lived in the area for years and knows the roads like the back of her hand. I said, "Why didn't you tell me I was going the wrong way?" Her reply? "I thought you had found another, faster way to get there." I made a u-turn and went back to a road that led me back to the road that took me in the direction of church. I still wonder why she didn't at least ask me why I was going in that direction.

Often I meet people on my journey who are traveling in a 'different' direction than I am. People that are not on the straight and narrow path that leads to eternal life with our Loving Lord. Perhaps they are on the 'good person doing good things' path. Or the 'God is in all nature so why do I need corporate worship' path. Or some path that does not acknowledge that our Loving Lord Jesus is indeed the only way to eternal life with God. How sad would it be if I just sit in the passenger seat and let them drive themselves in the wrong direction thinking "they must have found another, faster way to the Savior?"

Little Lesson Life Expression:
What will you do when you encounter people who are using something other than the Word of our Loving Lord to find truth? Will you just let them go thinking that they may indeed have found the secret that answers all their questions? Or will you speak up and dare to ask the simple but difficult question of "Why are you going this way?" Will you be brave enough to share your concern and lead them back to the right path?

Psalm 19:7-9 (The Message)
The revelation of God is whole
and pulls our lives together.
The signposts of God are clear
and point out the right road.
The life-maps of God are right,
showing the way to joy.
The directions of God are plain
and easy on the eyes.
God's reputation is twenty-four-carat gold,
with a lifetime guarantee.
The decisions of God are accurate
down to the nth degree.

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