Sunday, October 19, 2008

Can You Add Something Noticeable?

I must be really plain. Plain to the point of unnoticeable.

I have a limited wardrobe and wear basically the same things over and over.

Recently, I've made a few simple changes and the responses have been surprising.

For example, I have one outfit that looks very nice on me (or so I think). I've worn this outfit to both church and work. A few weeks ago, I wore the outfit to church with one small change. I added a necklace. Nothing more. Just a simple necklace. I received so many compliments on 'how nice' I looked that day. I repeated the same outfit with the same necklace at work a few days later. Same response. "You look so nice today."

Of course I resisted the urge to say "Oh as opposed to all the other days????" :-)

Another example of a small change with great impact involves my hair. If you know me at all, you know I rarely have a 'good hair day'. It's fine, thin, straight, non-existing (read balding in spots) hair. So one day, I simply pushed part of it behind each ear and left a tad bit hanging in front my ears. That's all. That's the simple change I made. But, oh my, the compliments I got. "You cut your hair! It looks great!"...."What did you do to your hair? I love it?" ..."Your hair looks good today. What did you do differently?"...Rare compliments for someone with my mane.

It took so little to have people take a second look and ask me questions about the changes they saw or thought they saw.

Little Lesson Life Expression
Isn't this a great opportunity that we have with our testimony as well? What small changes can you make in how you share Christ with others that will draw them to His message? What sincere thing can you do to attract them to what you have? What about in your church? What simple way can you serve the community around you so that they will want to take a closer look?

Proverbs 25:11 (The Message)
The right word at the right time
is like a custom-made piece of jewelry

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