Monday, January 12, 2009

What Are You Slave To Today?

Pastor Gregg is preaching a sermon series on "New Year, New You". This past Sunday, one of his points was that we are either slave to sin or slave to righteousness.

As is often the case, my mind wandered down it's own path as he made this point.

Before you read on, please understand that I know that I'm not perfect and I have made mistakes and sometimes I have flat out sinned.

With that said ... I came to know my Loving Lord at a very young age. I have parents that raised me in His ways and expected that I would 'be good'. I attended a great but very strict Christian school for 3 years starting just a few years after I accepted Christ. My best friend in elementary school, Amy, was a 'very good' Christian girl. In high school, I made another friend, Rene', that was also a 'very good' Christian girl. Amy and Rene' were role models for me although they did not know it at the time. Each of these influences challenged me to to always be a slave to 'right'-ness. A slave to doing what is right and not veering off the straight and narrow. I have not been particularly 'righteous' ... just one to always try to do the 'right' thing. Many are the times that I had opportunities to do 'fun' things that were contrary to the Word of God. Being a 'slave' to right, it was an easy choice to say no. Yet remember...I have not always done the right thing. I encourage those on my staff at my day job to spend their energy on doing the the right things rather than spending that energy trying not to get caught doing something they should not do.

According to their actions, it seems that some others that are close to me, choose or have chosen to be instead a slave to sin. The choose selfish desires over right living. They let their desires keep them in sin instead of choosing right actions that could set them free from the slavery of sin.

Little Lesson Life Expression
What are you slave to today? Are you a slave to sin? Selfish desires? Bad habits? Or are you a slave to 'right'eousness? Are you choosing to let our Loving Lord's commands keep you free from acting on those temptations? Are you choosing this day to be a 'slave' to Christ and live for Him? If you are currently a slave to sin, will you let this day be the day you receive your freedom from that slavery and voluntarily submit to being a slave to His righteousness?

Romans 6:15-23 (Contemporary English Version)

15What does all this mean? Does it mean we are free to sin, because we are ruled by God's wonderful kindness and not by the Law? Certainly not! 16Don't you know that you are slaves of anyone you obey? You can be slaves of sin and die, or you can be obedient slaves of God and be acceptable to him. 17You used to be slaves of sin. But I thank God that with all your heart you obeyed the teaching you received from me. 18Now you are set free from sin and are slaves who please God.

19I am using these everyday examples, because in some ways you are still weak. You used to let the different parts of your body be slaves of your evil thoughts. But now you must make every part of your body serve God, so that you will belong completely to him.

20When you were slaves of sin, you didn't have to please God. 21But what good did you receive from the things you did? All you have to show for them is your shame, and they lead to death. 22Now you have been set free from sin, and you are God's slaves. This will make you holy and will lead you to eternal life. 23Sin pays off with death. But God's gift is eternal life given by Jesus Christ our Lord.

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