Monday, February 09, 2009

I Hear You...I Do Know You Are There...Thank You!

Well, my, my, my .....

You all are indeed out there in readershipland. :-)

I've heard encouraging words from many of you today. Some of you were caught by surprise at my tongue-in-check summary of how few of you there are. In case you missed it, in my previous post, I was looking for you to provide the lesson. I asked the readers to read the snippet about the road less traveled, the road with no Starbucks, and share with us all the lesson our Loving Lord showed to you....only a handful responded.

No worries...I'm not going away...I'm still writing...because I know, and as many of you also reminded me, this is often as much a reminder for me of how to live as it is a ministry to each of you who stop by occasionally and to those that subscribe.

Since I know you are there, will you do me a favor or two? One is: If you see a different lesson in a Little Lesson, go to the website and post a comment on that entry telling us what God is showing you so that others can benefit from it. The other favor is: Will you share Little Lessons with those that are important to you? I know many of you forward me all the cute, funny, or inspiring emails that you receive from friends. Will you share these Little Lessons as well? Thanks!

Thank you also for your ongoing prayer support...Our Loving Lord knows I need you lifting me up in that way!!!! :-) :-) :-)

Be sure to be here tomorrow...with cell phone in hand...for a lesson that has been a long time in coming...........

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