Monday, February 09, 2009

What Volume Are You Set On?

Grab your cell-phone.

Go ahead. I'll wait.

Got it? Good.

If your phone is like mine, there's a button on the side that lets you change the volume. Leaving out the vibrate options, mine goes in this order: Loud, Soft, Silent. Is yours similar?

Since my phone has to be on Silent or Vibrate when I'm at work, every morning I go through this list from Loud to Soft/Vibrate and then in the afternoon as I head home, I go again through the list and change it back to Loud.

As I walk in the building each weekday morning, I see the list go ... Loud ...Soft ... Silent... and I'm reminded of what happens to many of us as believers. Can you see it?

Our Loving Lord comes into our lives and we are e-x-c-i-t-e-d! We are LOUD! We want to shout from the mountain tops! We want the whole world to come and experience what we have.

Then... Then we return to the 'real world' and we are reminded about what is politically correct to say in our neighborhoods and our workplaces. We realize that we may be a bit too loud. We may been seen as obnoxious when all we are really trying to do is spread the good news of our Loving Lord. So what happens then? We tone it down a bit. Limit our audience. We put our spiritual volume on Soft. We don't want to offend anyone now, do we? We listen to the world and keep quiet. And then almost naturally, we get so quiet. We are no longer even sharing hope. We've gone silent. Silent on sharing salvation. Silent on matters of life. Silent on all Biblical issues.

Little Lesson Life Expression
Where is volume right now as you read this? Is it on Loud? If so, what will you do today to maintain your strength and ensure your volume is not reduced? If it's on soft, do you know why? Has someone turned down your volume and quenched the Spirit in your life? If so, will you call out to our Loving Lord and ask Him to renew the strength of your witness today? Have you gone Silent? Is your witness non-existent? If so, will you ask our Loving Lord to help you share His light and hope with someone you meet today? Let's all turn up the volume today!

Luke 9:26 (Contemporary English Version)

If you are ashamed of Me and My message, the Son of Man will be ashamed of you when He comes in His glory and in the glory of His Father and the Holy Angels.

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Anonymous said...

I had the ultimate compliment over the weekend. My sister-in-law told me my life is a good role model to strive for. I do not mean to boast but my point is, I never said much, other than describing what I was doing in my life as we caught up with each other. I've been doing a lot of volunteer work with helping others and these things have been a much more powerful witness than anything I could have said. I think there is a lot to be said for how we live our lives and how we choose to spend our time. The example is enough...if necessary, use words.