Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Will You Be An Overnight Sensation?

Recently we were discussing a band that was considered an overnight sensation. During our chat we became aware of a song they had on the billboard charts some TEN years before they became an 'overnight' success.

I commented that many overnight success stories are years and years in the making.

Through the years, I've heard many stories of lives that were changed overnight when a lost soul comes to know our Loving Lord. People who were skid-row drunks that put the bottle away for good 'overnight' when Christ made a entrance into their hearts. Abusers who repented on the spot and went on to lead productive Christian lives.

Many times our Loving Lord has worked through other people for years and years to lead to that one moment of 'overnight victory in Jesus'!

I wonder how many of us are holding onto unnecessary things in our lives thinking, "maybe one day, I'll let go of this and let God have the victory in this area of my life." I wonder what stops us from giving it up today and becoming an 'overnight success' story for our Loving Lord.

Little Lesson Life Expression

What are you holding on to and refusing to let go of today? What can you hand over to our Loving Lord right now that will not only improve your relationship with Him but with the other important people in your life? What is keeping you from becoming an 'overnight success' right this very day?

2 Chronicles 6:36-39 (The Message)
When they sin against you—and they certainly will; there's no one without sin!—and in anger you turn them over to the enemy and they are taken captive to the enemy's land, whether far or near, but repent in the country of their captivity and pray with changed hearts in their exile, "We've sinned; we've done wrong; we've been most wicked," and turn back to you heart and soul in the land of the enemy who conquered them, and pray to you toward their homeland, the land you gave their ancestors, toward the city you chose, and this Temple I have built to the honor of your Name,

Listen from your home in heaven
to their prayers desperate and devout;
Do what is best for them.
Forgive your people who have sinned against you.

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