Monday, August 31, 2009

Can You Learn To Say It?

I wonder where it went. What happened to it? It used to be so prevalent.

Take for example this conversation:
Me; “I bought you some of your favorites and put them in the cooler”
Them: “That’s fine.”

Or perhaps:
Me: “Can I get you some iced tea or something else to drink?”
Them: “I’m good.”

Or this one:
Them: “I love your shirt. You look great in that color.”
Me: “This old thing?”

And finally:
Them: “I haven’t seen you wear that skirt before. I like it.”
Me: “Well I found this 75% off rack at the store and it was originally….”

What happened to the simple “Thank you” or “No thank you”? Why is “that’s fine” a valid response when someone does something nice for you or compliments you? Why is the hip response to an offer of a drink “I’m fine” instead of “No but thank you for offering”? We used to be more grateful and thankful as a society.

If we find it hard to tell each other “thank you” I wonder if we are ever giving our Loving Lord thanks! When He blesses our lives, do we just say “That’s fine?” When He offers us His love and even salvation through his Son, do we respond, “I’m good?” When He cleanses our hearts and other’s notice His good works through us and tell us we have a good heart, do we blow it off with “What? This old thing?”

Little Lesson Life Expression
Will you commit to making the words “thank you” part of your active vocabulary? When someone does something nice for you, offers you something, or compliments you, will you sincerely thank them using the words “thank you”? Will you take time out of your busy day to call someone and provide them a long overdue “thank you” for their impact on your life? Most importantly will you thank the most important influence on your life, our Loving Lord? Will you thank Him for all He has done and continues to do in and through your life?

Psalm 136:1-3 (The Message)
Thank God! He deserves your thanks.
His love never quits.

Thank the God of all gods,
His love never quits.
Thank the Lord of all lords.
His love never quits.

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Mid Stutsman said...

So true! I am always asking the Lord to help me be more gracious.
I appreciate your blog...thank you so much for your comment on mine!! ;)