Thursday, November 12, 2009


I wanted to have a closer relationship ... with you
So I brought you to my bedroom.
I set you in a prominent place ... beside my bed,
Determined to spend time with you,
To get to know you better,
Know you more intimately.

When the night fell, I saw you sitting there.
I glanced your way and thought to myself
"soon enough we'll communicate

I need to go through my night routine first...
Get ready for bed"
So I did. And I left you there ... waiting.

When the sun rose ... I woke up ... got up ...
turned off the alarm
And that's when I saw you still sitting there.
Still waiting on me.
Waiting to have a relationship ... with me
I was embarrassed that I had ignored you ... again.
But work was calling and I needed to go
I promised myself that tonight will be the night

Tonight I'll lift you up ... open you up ... read your inner thoughts.

Tonight I will fall in love ... with you,
Oh precious Word of God.

Don't give up on me ... holy Word of God ... Please wait for me.